If you hire musical entertainment for your venue, there are only two things you need to know about Lime:

We only work with top talent, and we make life easier for everyone around us. Those were the founding principles of our agency, and they remain just as integral to our success today.

We know talent because we grew up around it, having performed and managed musicians ourselves for companies both on land and at sea. Our demanding audition process yields only top-quality musicians, who routinely rate above average and receive outstanding feedback from guests and supervisors. And we go out of our way to prepare our musicians with a wealth of information and support, to ensure that they have an immediate positive impact from the first day they arrive on the gig.

We’re also well aware that we exist as an agency to reduce workload and lower stress for our employers, and we take this side of the business just as seriously. Our knowledge of visa procedures, relationships with medical facilities, and knowledge of company policies allows us to ready our musicians for a contract with the absolute minimum processing time. And we stay in close contact with our musicians throughout their contract to offer advice and deal with any questions or concerns that might arise, staying involved so that our employers don’t have to.

But beyond these two basic principles, we pride ourselves on the ability to customize operations for our employers — for each cruise line and and each hotel. We constantly restructure our search and filtering process for musicians, remodel our auditions, change the way we collect and submit paperwork, and shape our existing talent to fit the needs of each of our clients. We’re always eager for the opportunity to fill a spot no one else can, or staff a newly-created position — to work side by side with an employer and help them grow in a new direction.

At Lime, we embrace the responsibility of providing great musicians, but our eye is always on the bigger picture: raising the bar for live entertainment, and raising the standard for what it means to be an music talent agency.