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Antonio Garcia

"with Lime, I knew I was in good hands.

Since the first time I got in touch with Lime, I knew I was in good hands. Federico and Sam have helped me through each part of the process, from my cruise ship audition to solving every single problem I had during the hiring process (visas, medical exams, etc). Lime has also given me all kinds of info regarding my future job onboard, and they have followed up and cared about me ever since I signed on the ship. Excellent Treatment!"

Chris Beard

"Lime Entertainment has treated me great!

Lime Entertainment has treated me great! Immediately following my cruise ship audition they provided me with a specific contract they had in mind for me which they were able to book within a week. Sam knew my Musical Director personally and was able to send me some of the music in advance and give me personal tips on what to expect for my first contract. I've heard many of my band-mates and other talent complain about their agencies, none of which I've been able to share."

Andres Pellegrino

"Lime Entertainment really is a great agency

Lime Entertainment really is a great agency for anyone who wants to be a cruise ship musician, and they always work hard for you. For example, Federico from Lime was so helpful when it came to organizing my C1/D visa. He called the embassy for me and he explained to me how to fill out the paperwork. They are the best!"


"Working with Lime Entertainment was a fantastic experience.

"Sam and Federico went out of their way to make sure I felt prepared for my first contract as a cruise ship musician, and were always available to answer my questions. From the very first email I received from Federico, I could tell that working with Lime was going to be an enjoyable process."



"Fede and Sam are very nice people and did an awesome job. They always have been there for Visa, Medical, and other issues, responding quickly whether there's a problem or not. I highly recommend Lime Entertainment to anyone looking for a cruise ship gig!""



"Lime funciona! I can tell you in English too, Lime works! Sam y Federico lo estan haciendo muy bien. Musicos, que están esperando? Trabajar como musico para cruceros es una gran oportunidad. "

Pablo Nava

Guitar, Princess Cruises

"Working with Lime has been a great experience for me. I've had a fluent communication with Fede and Sam since the first day I started to work with them. I've been gigging on cruise ships for one and a half years and all my contracts were awesome. Things with Lime are easy, and I'm glad to be part of it."

Shaun Stuart

Bass, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

"Federico from Lime Entertainment was so helpful when it came to organizing my C1/D visa and was able to mediate with RCCL when it came around to obtaining my medical, due to a pre-existing condition. I don't think another agency would have been as tolerant or as helpful. Very great guys to work with."

Rick Moore

Saxophonist, Holland America Line

"Sam and Fede are always on top of their game, willing to give 110% to make their clients feel comfortable and taken care of. They secured my first cruise ship contract, on a great ship, and took the time to personally attend to each and every need and concern I had, even sending periodic emails to check up on me. Proactive, professional, and thorough. The whole experience was a pleasure! Thank you again, guys!”

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